Published Papers

Slow to Learn: Bargaining, Uncertainty, and the Calculus of Conquest,” with William Spaniel. Journal of Conflict Resolution (2018) 62(4): 774-796. Here is the latest version prior to publication.

Policy Bargaining and Militarized Conflict,” with William Spaniel. Journal of Theoretical Politics (2017) 29(4): 647-678. Here is the latest version prior to publication.

Working Papers

Policymaking with Multiple Agencies.” Revise & Resubmit at American Journal of Political Science.

Bureaucrats, Judges, and Policy Quality,” with Lawrence S. Rothenberg. Revise & Resubmit at Quarterly Journal of Political Science. 

Lobbying and Policy Extremism in Repeated Elections,” with John Duggan and Gleason Judd. Under review.

The Amicus Game,” with Lawrence S. Rothenberg and Bradley C. Smith. Under review.

Stalling,” with Gleason Judd and William Spaniel. Under review.

“Rubberstamping,” with Robert J. Carroll and Lawrence S. Rothenberg.

Works in Progress

“Disproportionate Policy Responses and Executive Expertise.”

“Accountability, Ideology, and Judicial Review,” with Gleason Judd and Bradley C. Smith.

“What States Want: How Preferences and Power Shape War,” with Bradley C. Smith and William Spaniel.