Working Papers

The Logic of Secret Alliances,” with Bradley C. Smith. R&R at AJPS. 

Ideological Infection,” with Federica Izzo.

Policymaking in Times of Crisis,” with Federica Izzo.

Strategic Avoidance and Rulemaking Procedures,” with Robert J. Carroll and Lawrence S. Rothenberg. R&R at JTP.

The Organization of Federal Agency Lobbying,” with Richard W. DiSalvo.

“Working for the Revolving Door,” with Gleason Judd. [slides]

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Policymaking and Appointments under Electoral and Judicial Constraints,” with Gleason Judd and Bradley C. Smith. Accepted at Journal of Politics.

Overreacting and Posturing: How Accountability and Ideology Shape Executive Policies.” 2023. Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 18(2): 153-182.

Lobbying and Policy Extremism in Repeated Elections,” with John Duggan and Gleason Judd. 2021. Journal of Economic Theory, 193: 105223.

Policymaking with Multiple Agencies.” 2020. American Journal of Political Science, 64(3): 634-648.

The Amicus Game,” with Lawrence S. Rothenberg and Bradley C. Smith. 2020. Journal of Politics, 82(3): 1113-1126.

Stall Wars: When Do States Fight to Hold onto the Status Quo?,” with Gleason Judd and William Spaniel. 2020. International Studies Quarterly, 64(3): 523-529.

Slow to Learn: Bargaining, Uncertainty, and the Calculus of Conquest,” with William Spaniel. 2018. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(4): 774-796.

Policy Bargaining and Militarized Conflict,” with William Spaniel. 2017. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 29(4): 647-678.