Working Papers

Ideological Infection,” with Federica Izzo.

Policy Gambles and Valence in Elections,” with Federica Izzo.

The Organization of Federal Agency Lobbying,” with Richard W. DiSalvo.

Working for the Revolving Door,” with Gleason Judd.

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Fanatical Peace: How Fundamental Disagreements Can Discourage Conflict,” with Kristopher W. Ramsay and Richard Jordan. Accepted at Journal of Politics.

The Logic of Secret Alliances,” with Bradley C. Smith. Accepted at American Journal of Political Science. 

Policymaking and Appointments under Electoral and Judicial Constraints,” with Gleason Judd and Bradley C. Smith. 2024. Journal of Politics, 86(3). [published version]

Strategic Avoidance and Rulemaking Procedures,” with Robert J. Carroll and Lawrence S. Rothenberg. 2024. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 36(2): 156-185. [published version]

Overreacting and Posturing: How Accountability and Ideology Shape Executive Policies.” 2023. Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 18(2): 153-182. [published version]

Lobbying and Policy Extremism in Repeated Elections,” with John Duggan and Gleason Judd. 2021. Journal of Economic Theory, 193: 105223. [published version]

Policymaking with Multiple Agencies.” 2020. American Journal of Political Science, 64(3): 634-648. [published version]

The Amicus Game,” with Lawrence S. Rothenberg and Bradley C. Smith. 2020. Journal of Politics, 82(3): 1113-1126. [published version]

Stall Wars: When Do States Fight to Hold onto the Status Quo?,” with Gleason Judd and William Spaniel. 2020. International Studies Quarterly, 64(3): 523-529. [published version]

Slow to Learn: Bargaining, Uncertainty, and the Calculus of Conquest,” with William Spaniel. 2018. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(4): 774-796. [published version]

Policy Bargaining and Militarized Conflict,” with William Spaniel. 2017. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 29(4): 647-678. [published version]